Presidential Standard Act


Presidential Standard Act

Chapter 265

  • Commenced on 9 October 1963
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2000.]
  • [Note: The version of the Act as at 31 December 2000 was revised and consolidated by the Law Reform Commission of Uganda. All subsequent amendments have been researched and applied by Laws.Africa for ULII.]
An Act to provide for a presidential standard and other purposes connected therewith.

1. Presidential standard

(1)There is constituted for the President a presidential standard which shall be of such design as the Cabinet may determine.
(2)The presidential standard shall be broken in addition to the national flag on all public occasions on which the President is personally present.
(3)Except as is otherwise provided in this section, the presidential standard may be used in such other manner and on such other occasions as the President may decide.

2. Offences

Any act or thing done which, if done against the national flag or armorial ensigns, would be an offence under the National Flag and Armorial Ensigns Act, shall, if done in respect of the presidential standard, be an offence against the presidential standard; and accordingly any person who does any such act or thing shall be punished as if he or she had committed an offence under that Act.

3. Application

Except as otherwise provided in this Act, the provisions of the National Flag and Armorial Ensigns Act, in relation to insults, the unauthorised use of the national flag or armorial ensigns and the making of regulations shall apply to the presidential standard as if the presidential standard were mentioned in that Act.
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History of this document

09 October 1963