External Assistance (Protection of Funds) Act


External Assistance (Protection of Funds) Act

Chapter 172

  • Commenced on 1 October 1963
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2000.]
  • [Note: The version of the Act as at 31 December 2000 was revised and consolidated by the Law Reform Commission of Uganda. All subsequent amendments have been researched and applied by Laws.Africa for ULII.]
An Act to exempt certain external assistance funds from legal process and to provide for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

1. Interpretation

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—
(a)"assistance funds" means funds allocated to or derived from a programme of external assistance undertaken under an assistance agreement declared under section 2;
(b)"international organisation" means an organisation of which the governments of two or more sovereign States are members and includes any agency, board, committee and branch of the organisation and any body which acts as agent or representative of the organisation or of two or more such organisations.

2. Declaration of assistance agreements

Any agreement by which an international organisation or the government of a foreign sovereign State or of an independent member of the Commonwealth undertakes a programme of external assistance in or for Uganda may be declared by the Minister by statutory order to be an assistance agreement for the purpose of this Act.

3. Exemption of funds from legal process

(1)The Minister may by statutory order exempt any assistance funds specified in the order from legal process of all kinds, including but not limited to attachment, garnishment and seizure.
(2)If any funds exempted under this section are to be held in a bank account, the account in which they are to be held shall be described in the order of exemption, and no funds other than assistance funds shall be kept in the account.

4. Segregation of assistance funds

All persons handling assistance funds shall segregate them in such a way that they are at all times kept separate and distinct from other funds.

5. Saving

Nothing in this Act shall apply to any funds—
(a)which are paid into the Consolidated Fund; or
(i)have been expended on payment for goods or services; and
(ii)have passed into the possession of a person entitled to receive the payment.
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History of this document

01 October 1963